REM Isotropic Finishing - $245

Not only does REM Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF) make your transmission components look cool, but it also generates more performance. This treatment reduces stress risers and flattens raised areas on the surface of your transmission gears, creating a beautiful mirror-like finish. ISF creates a much smoother surface, leading to improved oil flow, less wear on parts, and easier shifting. This reduced friction allows for the treated parts to operate more efficiently and at cooler temperatures, improving overall performance.


  • Improved oil flow and lubrication
  • Less wear on parts
  • Decreased oil contamination
  • Reduced friction
  • Less heat buildup from components
  • Smoother shifting

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JRD is a high performance racing development company. We specialize in cylinder head modifications and race engine builds, but also offer basic maintenance and performance services. With over 30 years of machining and racing development knowledge and experience, you can count on our products to meet your performance needs.


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